High-quality cotton, 100% Turkish cotton, breathable cotton

Breathable Washable Reusable 100% Turkish Cotton Face mask, Mask with a nose clip Handmade Fabric Face Mask Adult Cloth Mask Unisex
Washable reusable high quality 100% Turkish Cotton with nose wire.
Please pay attention that the suggested mask is not medical and will not ultimate protection to viruses.
As CDC suggested, these masks are general help to minimize your hand contact to your face.
Since our material is 100% Cotton, it will help you to breathe and speak easily. You will not feel that you have to take it out from your face to talk to someone.
The mask has a good triangle corner shape fo you fit your nose and face easily without a clip.
More suitable for small faces.
Our masks are made with pure 100% Turkish cotton which is very good in quality.
Every mask will be sent to you in a clean sealed envelope to ensure that nobody touched your mask right after the production.