Marketing & Sales Consultancy Services

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What do we do?

  • Sales Acceleration
        • Drive sales
        • Increase organic & paid exposure
        • Handle all sales process end-to-end
  • Seller & Price Protection
        • Monitor prices
        • Enforce Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)
        • Remove unauthorized sellers
  • Content Enhancement
        • Organize product pages
        • Represent the brand exposure
        • Enhance content (title, description and visuals)
        • Create product videos
  • Brand Management
        • Dedicated Account Manager
        • Report on all services delivered 
        • Ensure full satisfaction with overall strategy development
        • Weekly reports on sales and MAP violations, inventory and shipment planning, market assessment, assortment expansion, and new product launching
  • 3rd Party Logistics
      • Inventory storage
      • Fulfillment service
      • Online access to real-time information
      • Import process
      • Customer service
      • Customer return handling

    How do we do sales acceleration?

  • Build Awareness
        1. Build a website for US market -- optimize it for SEO
        2. Take over social media accounts -- manage them purely for the US market
        3. Social media ads -- only for the target audience
        4. Search ads -- for the target keywords
        5. Youtube ads -- for related keywords & target audience
        6. Amazon Ads -- optimized for impressions on targeted keywords
        7. Amazon ads -- get reviews to top products
        8. Sponsorship events to build awareness
        9. Publish PR releases
        10. Use 3rd party email newsletters to promote your product
  • Take into Consideration
        1. Publish product reviews
        2. Get reviews from influencers & thought leaders
        3. Publish blog posts about the products and the brand
        4. Share infographics on specific products
        5. Shoot videos to demo your products
        6. Partner up with related parties to promote your product
        7. Sponsor brand ambassadors for long-term
  • Make the purchase
        1. Website
        2. 3rd party e-commerce websites
        3. Local shops
  • Customer Service
        1. Create a FAQ section on your webpage
        2. Utilize social media to interact and please
        3. Engage with the customers
  • Loyalty
        1. Offer discounts, gifts etc. for repeat purchase
        2. Survey for feedback
        3. Use social media for endorsement
        4. Build an email list of customers & send newsletters
  • Advocacy
      1. Get more reviews from loyal customers
      2. Encourage sharing by the customers
      3. Engage with the top loyal customers
      4. Get more recommendations

    Customers (olmali mi?)

    customer X, Y, Z.

    Need help?

    Please get in touch with us bla bla...