Our Story

This is the story of a little girl who grew up in the Aegean Sea, the sea which has coasts to both Turkey and Greece. Her father owned jewelry shops where she could visit during holidays, learn and get trained about the business. Always watched the face the smiles of the people who put design jewelry on or the man who buy unique jewelry for the loved one.

Later in life she became an engineer and wanted to pursue her career on professional marketing life. She learned plenty of things, had perfect experience and met authentic leaders in this professional life journey.

But, there were always couple of questions in her mind. "Can I manage my own company like my father used to do? Can I deal with all the critical problems and see opportunities at the same time?"

So she decided to quit from a high heels professional life to be small business owner jungle.

She is still learning countless things everyday, meeting very genuine people, dealing with real life problems, growing every single day. She is so happy with this change in her life!

A warm hello from that girl

Figen Baysal

Founder of Basil & Co