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In a rainy day, I was driving from work to home. All of sudden I deeply realized this is my only life! There is no other life to live. And like many other I running after the same life goals that millions of people chasing for.

I stopped, took a deep breath and decided to write down what I want to have in my life and what should be tto-do do list to achieve my very personal goals.

Leave the corporate lady life → stop

  • wearing high hills,
  • running after recognition and power,
  • Trying to smile while you actually want to throw up to your boss’s face

Be a mother → They tell you to choose the baby or the career. I decided to be a mother believed that It will help me transform to meet the real person in me.

Move closer to your family, Family real love is all we need. Being close to them remembering that I am a daughter of a parent will make me feel safe

Continue your family job, I grew up in my father’s jewelry store where I saw what is like to

  • be a reliable boss,
  • having a business and
  • Little, tiny precious jewelry can change your daily mood instantly

So I decided to establish my own business on jewelry by selling unique pieces that reflect many different feelings that make us woman!

With the help of real artisans, craftsmen of Istanbul & Greece here is our collections… Waiting to make you feel complete, reflect the shine within you…

I would be happy if you would like to share your own story on changing your ways to give me more inspiration!

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