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Some people put on the shelves what they choose for you and you go and buy it.

Some companies have purchasing people so that they can understand what the customer wants and put these t-shirts, jewelries to the shelf to make you buy.

Some companies have their own designers, they create the items on their own taste and people who might have a similar taste go and buy it.

But think about a gold ring which might stay with you your whole life and maybe you will leave it to your daughter or niece. Why such precious items have to carry some other designer taste or maybe a logo on it. Who knows that company last for centuries.

My jewelry journey started just like these questions. My mom gave me a precious custom made a gold watch and the time I hold it on my hand I realized that it has much more meaning in it compared to any expensive watches in the world. So I started to be friend and work with artisans to have my own taste on what I wear.


I wanted anyone who shares my feelings would have a chance to create his / her own jewelry. After couple of meetings with our team we decided we can do and we should do it!



So if you want to have custom made jewelry, custom wedding jewelry, custom design wedding bands, design your custom jewelry, we are here to help you!

Briefly write your request here, then let us do the work for you.





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