does evil eye jewelry work

does evil eye jewelry work

this is one of the most asked questions to me while talking to new friends at the store.

Briefly, meaning behind evil eye jewelrymal de ojo bracelet meaning is to protect yourself from other people's bad energy. 

I don't believe a piece of stone or glass might carry superpower to protect us from other people. My belief is that: I carry evil eye jewelry because I believe some people have good energy some people have bad energy. I am a very open person to the energy surrounding me. I know if there a bad energy around I will be sick I will feel bad.

Our world is all created by our brains and so all of us live our lives in a unique way. Its all a product of our subconscious mind. So when you believe something in a powerful way it works it really works.


Just because of that reason I like to use and make evil eye jewelry, to acknowledge the bad energy going around and show people that I am psychologically trying to protect my self from this kind of energy.

My subconscious protection my self from surrounding bad energy and physical representation of that belief which is evil eye jewelry together protects me. This my exact respond to question: "does evil eye jewelry work"




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