In a world of mass production, we use our hands

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In a world of mass production, we use our hands filled with our love and passion in this work. We believe the uniqueness of every soul and all of us deserve to reflect these unique souls.

Best way to show this difference is the accessories you use. By adding jewelry you make it your own personal style. Jewelry differentiates us – just as does our other accessories.

We are so eager to be your partner on this reflection process. Every jewelry you buy from Basil & Co is a product of

  • a mother who can make her designs after she makes her baby sleep at night,
  • Mediterranean artisans who put hours of work to be able to finish the jewelry without a scratch

We hope any time you use our jewelry, you share the feeling of our journey and have a big smile on your face.

Our lovely friends say: "whenever I wear them, I get too many compliments"

We are inspired by them and this a message from us to you:


Thank you for being yourself,  brave to show the different taste you have, supporting small business and atelier made jewelries.


Ps: English is my second language and every day I am learning. So if there is a mistake please excuse me. 

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